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Best Volume Leveling Apps and Software for Android phones and Windows PCs

by Fahad Saleem

As the popularity of podcasts rises along with brilliant services like Spotify, people prefer to listen to music on their smartphones. But it does not replace listening to audios on Windows PCs. Android phones and Windows PCs lack sound equalizer and there is no other way to adjust the output audio except for a third-party solution. Below are the best volume leveling Apps and Softwares for Android phones and Windows PCs.


It is the best volume leveling App for Android phones which has the best and user-friendly interface. Its free version has 11 presets: Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Latin. The other features included in the Equalizer App include surround sound, bass boost, and sound amplifier. It automatically equalizes the sound depending on the type of music you are listening to.

Equalizer and Bass Booster

This Android App is designed like an MP3 player floating in the middle of your smartphone. Other than bass boost, it has many other features too, such as five-band equalizer, surround sound control, and a 15-level volume booster. This best volume leveling App for Android phone has cool visuals which are displayed when your music plays.

Equalizer Music Player Booster

A three-in-one App which gives you a music equalizer, an MP3 player, and a bass booster. You can choose from 10 presets or create your own customized preset. Equalizer Music Player Booster has seven bands, but it only works with audios saved in your Android phones. The App lets you share your music with other users on the same network if they have the App installed. It owns the best editor’s choice award in the Google Play Store.


It is the best volume leveling software for Windows PC which has an excellent audio player. It has an 18-band equalizer, visualization effect, fading effect between songs and a support for all famous audio formats. AIMP supports online radio too. You can easily organize your MP3 files in the library and edit tags.

Equalizer Pro

Equalizer Pro is an exceptionally useful sound enhancer with EQ settings included. It has the bass boost effect, more than 20 built-in presets, 10 band equalizer and unique Pre-Amp volume control. It gives a low-tone sound without overcharging overall volume. You can build your own preset too. This best volume leveling software for Windows PCs has some studio features which are perfectly designed for all users.

DFX Audio Enhancer

This software enhances all audios on your PC through a number of great features such as high fidelity, 3D surround, dynamic gain boosting and booming bass. It provides richer sounds on the websites you visit. You just have to download this best volume leveling software for Windows PCs and start playing music. It has two modes: headphones and speakers. The finely-tuned presets best match your audio systems. It has an efficient performance while using minimal CPU.

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