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Want a break from your daily routine? Playing games online is a good way to take time out from the world. The games make your brain work, give you a fun time or just simply let you relax. There are many websites available for you to play thousands of games. There is something for everyone for sure. Thus, here are the best websites to play games online.

Best Websites to Play Games Online

Addicting Games

There are a lot of games available on Addicting Games website for both single player or multiplayer. You don’t have to create a user account to play the games. The users can leave their comments about the game. There are so many games on this one of the best websites to play games online that you wouldn’t believe your eyes. The website requires Adobe Flash to play the games.


Pogo has games for both single player or multiplayer gaming from which you can also download some of the games on your PC. It has more than 200 games which are grouped into 10 different categories. Also, you can sort the games by name or according to their popularity to find out the most popular game and play it. The website has Ads and some of its features work only if you have a paid account.


Kongregate promises thousands of games to play online which include action, adventure, shooter, racing, music, and defense games. It is a free website and no user registration is required. You can collect badges and achievements to show off the competitors or your friends. Moreover, there are chatrooms in every game for you to communicate with other active users.


This, one of the best websites to play games online, has tons of games and some of those are original versions only available at Miniclip. The games are divided into 60 categories. To play games on Miniclip, you don’t have to create an account. You can easily download some of the games on this website. Moreover, it lets you subscribe to an RSS feed to stay informed on all new game releases. There are always ads before every game start.

Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games has a lot of games for you to play online and it releases new games quite often. For this website also, you don’t have to create an account to play. Moreover, you can download some games from the website and play them offline. This website lets you play some of its games on a mobile device through an App. You require Adobe Flash player to play games through this website. Some of the games are a trial version, to play the full version you have to pay for them.

Armor Games

This website has more than 150 categories for thousands of free online games. It is not necessary to create an account, you can play even without an account but if you sign-up, you will receive new game release updates. Every week new games are added to this one of the best websites to play games online. Armor Games has fewer advertisements as compared to other websites.

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