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Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online and TV Shows: No Spam

by Fahad Saleem

If you want to watch movies online, there are several free websites on which you can watch movies without spending a dime. If your internet connection is good, there won’t be any lagging and you will watch movies online without any problem. In this article we will mention some of the best websites and online platforms where you can easily watch movies, seasons and TV series.

Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Rainer Land

Rainer Land is one of my favorite websites to watch movies online free. This website is also famous for watching TV series. All the latest TV shows and movies are updated on this website. It has its own media player which works just fine when you start a movie.

This website is also famous for online free movies and seasons. But I didn’t find the latest movies on this website. You can watch the classic and all-time favorite movies here though.


This website has become synonymous to online free movie watching. However, recently, the website came under because its intense popularity was killing the movie revenues. Servers went down. However the new link is working fine and you can enjoy the latest movies and TV series online on this website.


Movie4K is a decent website to watch online movies for free. There are different sections like Top Rate, Upcoming, Thrillers etc in which you can browse movies and watch them on the go. This website has a solid media player.


CokePopcorn is the powerhouse of online free TV series. But the website is also teeming with latest movies. So you can watch all sorts of excellent entertainment content on this website. This website is visited by millions of people daily.

Alluc is one of the best online streaming website which not only hosts latest content, but also gives you download links to movies and TV series. Alluc is absolutely easy to use. Just type the name of the movie or season you want to watch for free online and hit enter. The website will show you instant results. I typed “Breaking Bad” in the search bar and hit enter. There you go, all episodes in front of me, ready to be played. And no, there were no ads or spammy links.

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