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Best YouTube Channels for Mathematics Help

by Fahad Saleem

Don’t like to sit in class all day but want to learn mathematics? There are many YouTube channels available to help too. They are full of helpful learning videos you can easily grasp to and learn quickly and your own comfort. Thus, here are the best YouTube channels for mathematics help.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is for sure one of the most popular YouTube channels for gaining knowledge on different topics such as mathematics. The channel has tons of videos to help you learn mathematics with fun and in an easy and comfortable way. The channel lives by its commitment “providing high-quality education for everyone and anyone”.

Patrick JMT

Another one of the best YouTube channels for mathematics help is Patrick JMT which has over 150,000 subscribers and more than 58 million views. It is the most popular educational channel. The channel is run by a community college mathematics professor who shares his knowledge online to help kids learn.

The Video Math Tutor

This channel has many mathematic tutoring videos that cover basic maths topics, brain teasers, calculator tips, and many more important topics. It provides step by step tutorials for high school students. Watch the videos to grasp any math concept and make it strong at your own place.


ProfRobBob is another one of the best YouTube channels for mathematics help. It has full-length videos covering all mathematics topics including multiple examples to help you understand better. The topics include Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, etc. This channel gives you a school experience of a blackboard at home.


This unique channel helps you learn mathematics by implementing it in your everyday life. It uploads creative, fun and short videos for you to learn from. For example, it has a video to help you easily learn the age-old cake cutting dilemma with the help of mathematics. Videos about numbers – it’s that simple.

Mr. McLogan

The mathematics channel by Mr. Mclogan is one of the best YouTube channels for mathematics help. It is designed to help the students gain a better understanding of mathematics. By watching these videos, they will make their concepts clearer easily. He creates videos on during the day while teaching to help the students resolve their homework problems. His aim is to provide quality material to the kids.

YouTube Teachers

This channel has a compilation of over 700,000 educational videos which focus on mathematics and many other disciplines. The videos are created by different experienced teachers to provide information to learners. The channel covers all the topics from elementary school to middle school to high school. The best YouTube channel for mathematics help.


Mathademics, like all other above-mentioned channels, is one of the best YouTube channels for mathematics help. It has mathematics lessons of high-quality education so that you don’t need a tutor anymore. The channel features eight playlists which cover almost all the topics of mathematics.

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