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Biggest, Most Famous YouTube Channels

by Fahad Saleem

YouTube is the most famous online video platform with billions of viewers daily. It is now a subsidiary of Google and gives billions of dollars in ads to the company. There are some of the best YouTube channels having millions of subscribers. You will be flabbergasted to know that these famous YouTubers make millions by making music, gaming, funny videos. Their subscribers are increasing exponentially with every single day. This article lists most famous YouTube channels. They have the biggest number of subscribers.

Best, Most Famous YouTube Channels


PewDiePie is currently one of the top famous YouTube channel, having 39,779,760 (over 39 million) subscribers and counting. This channel is run by Felix Kjellberg, a guy from Sweden who posts his video game playing experience on YouTube. He posts the video with on-game screen and a small screen showing his face. This gives the viewers a look at his funny reactions as well as the game dynamics.

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Smosh in run by two teens, who post humoristic videos. The channels has 21 million subscribers and billions of daily page views, albeit the quality of humor isn’t that sophisticated. However, the video quality is perfect.

famous youtube channels 2

Rihanna VEVO

Rihanna’s channel has garnered the top rank as far as music category for YouTube video channels is concerned. It has over 17 million subscribers as of October 2015. Some of the videos of Rihanna’s channel (including that in which she sings in her bathtub) have more than 100+ million views. Wow!

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One Direction VEVO

What a surprise! Notwithstanding that fact that One Directioners have split up and their YouTube channel is not updated regularly, One Direction VIVO stands at second place, just missing the top rank by a few thousand subscribers as compared to that of Rihanna VEVO. One Direction Channel has 17,225,360 subscribers.

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Katy Perry VEVO

Katy Perry, the famous singer and actress has over 16 million registered subscribers as of October 2015. This channel has gained massively over the past few months.

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Enough with music VEVOs. As expected, the other famous top channels are of Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Eminem etc. But I want to include some famous YouTube channels from diverse areas in order to give our readers a holistic and informative image in order to make a point that the famous YouTube channels are not only taken by famous celebrities. Instead, random people who started YouTube channels a few years ago have now millions of subscribers and following, which shows that there is always a fruit for hard work and talent.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles, now a famous US based woman who started her YouTube channel back in 2010 with a video titled “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” has over 15 million subscribers. She is a comedian, video maker and actress, now a well-known figure around the world because of her simple, funny and thought provoking videos.

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Ryan Higa, a guy from Hawaii started this channel by posting random funny, lip-syncing videos and soon gained popularity. Currently he has over 15 million subscribers.

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