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Biggie’s Son C.J honored that Rock Star Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore ‘Notorious RBG’ title


What does the late Christopher Wallace and the late Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg have in common? Well, they are both notorious maverick. So much so that the former was dubbed the Notorious BIG and the latter Notorious RBG.

The whole world, especially people who are fans of the hip hop music genre, know who Notorious BIG was; he was a rock star artist. The Notorious RBG is known through her landmark contributions to the legal system in America within the corridors of justice.

Notorious BIG, or Biggie as sometimes referred to, had legally adapted the stage name. It is possible that a lot of people will not quickly load in their minds who Christopher Wallace is, if you referred to him by his ‘government name.’

Judge Ginsburg, was nicknamed Notorious RBG by authors Irin Camron and Shana Knizhnik in their book title “Notorious RBG.” It is interesting to note that the book’s cover picture featured Judge Ginsburg wearing a gold crown, similar to what Biggie wears in one of his most popular posters.

What Notorious BIG has in common with Supreme Court Notorious RBG

Well, let us start with the basics. Both Christopher Wallace and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. They both grew up to be maverick icons in their respective field, with each demonstrating confidence, no fear, and telling it like it is to the flawed systems in America.

Biggie took to the microphone, and with rhythm and rhyme, made the society know about the plights and potential of the Black community. Ruth Ginsburg on the other hand, through learning the judicial system in America and putting it into practice let the American society know about the plights and potential of women in society.

So yes, the two are similar, though at the same time quite different. In an interview back in 2017, Ginsburg was asked about what she thought about her Notorious RBG nickname. She said:

I think about how this Notorious RBG was created. People ask me, ‘Don’t you feel uncomfortable with a name like the Notorious BIG?’ Why should I feel uncomfortable? We have a lot in common. And first and foremost, we were both born and bred in Brooklyn, New York.”

Biggie’s Son C.J Wallace honored; Dad shares name with Supreme Court Justice

In a feature by Blavity, Biggie’s son, C.J. Wallace said that his father would be very much honored to learn he shares a nickname with a Supreme Court Justice.

Brooklyn, New York, represents no fear, confidence, and speaking your truth, and my dad and Justice Ginsburg lived those words.

I think he would be honored to share the ‘Notorious’ title with her, and it’s up to us to honor their legacies by continuing to fight for equality and justice for all by voting and getting into good trouble.” – said C.J. Wallace.

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