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Bitcoin cryptocurrency hits Record High; already surpassed $7,300

by Felix Omondi

The early bird catches the worm (the most worms) and that is the perfect analogy for early cryptocurrency adopters. Right now, Bitcoin prices are at an all-time high of over $7,300; the first time it has surpassed the $7,000 mark. No doubt a milestone achievement for a form of currency that started off with just about every government authority around the world not supporting it, and some going as far as being pro-active in discouraging its use.

According to exchange rates by the e-currency ranking chart, CoinGecko, as of 10:00 AM UTC, bitcoin had hit $7,340; an all-time high. CoinMarketCap further says that Bitcoin had experienced 22.95% increase in value over just the past seven days. From a general perspective, Bitcoin is currently worth at least $119 million.

The heights Bitcoins has reached this year is rather ironic given, it is also in this year it has faced a lot of turmoil in term of government regulations. The government of South Korea and China gave yet another tight regulation on the cryptocurrency this year, and yet its value kept climbing up the charts.

In March this year, Bitcoin hit the headlines again for all the right reasons; its prices skyrocketed by $1,200, and for the first time it became more expensive than an ounce of gold.

Other Cryptocurrency (Ethereum) is also doing well (read massively well). Ethereum registered more than one million unique wallet addresses registered on its platform. Compare that to Bitcoin’s 730,000 unique wallets addressed.

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