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Bitpaya launches to allow Nigerians trade easily in Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin & Ethereum

by Milicent Atieno

For a currency that for long was suppressed by governments and financial market regulators around the world since its onset, cryptocurrencies sure have gathered too much stem and is fully charging ahead. On the long-standing debate on whether or not Bitcoin and Ethereum among other cryptos will ever become mainstream looks like it is about to get finalized, with cryptocurrencies becoming accepted world-over.

Though they are still to get support from most governments, the general public sure seems swept up with the crypto floods, and everyone is getting their ‘mattock and shovel’ to go mine these digital currencies.

However trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum is still a hustle, one needs to know about the various (and legitimate) websites online you can trade. Well, Nigeria is no exception, many Nigerian crypto investors are very cautious about trading on some of the websites online. However, with the launch of Bitpaya, all the investors will have to worry about is when to buy or sell, and not the legitimacy of the trading platform.

Bitpaya is a newly launched cryptocurrency trading platform targeting crypto traders in Nigeria looking for a trustworthy platform to trade. The platform will be trading in two of the most popular cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies. The company issued a press release that in part reads:

The important of cryptocurrency cannot be overemphasized, it’s clearly the future of money, and it has come to stay for as long as anyone can imagine.

Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum has been a challenge for many for a very long time, but it does not have to be so. Everybody has a right to own cryptocurrency of their choice, and it does not have to be difficult to buy or sell. It’s our obligation to make it very easy for everyone to either buy to sell Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

Bitpaya believes they will make cryptocurrencies trading in Nigeria easy because as a trader “you do not have to deposit your local currency or your cryptocurrency and then wait for a long period of time in order to get your desired currency, that’s where BitPay come in with the obligation to bring your local currency or Bitcoin and Ethereum directly to you in minutes. Do all your exchanges on BitPay and enjoy speed and transparency in exchanging.”

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