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Black Friday shopping pushes Amazon’s Jeff Bezos net worth to over $100 billion

by Felix Omondi

Right now, the wealthiest man on Earth (pretty much the universe) is Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon. Bezos eclipsed Microsoft’s Bill Gates last month with a net worth towering over $100.3 billion according to Bloomberg. Gates now stands at second place with the investor mogul Warren Buffet at third place.

Black Friday shopping craze

Bezos rise to becoming the wealthiest man on Earth eclipsing the long-time holder of that title Gates was attributed mainly to the recent Black Friday shopping season. Bloomberg says during the Black Friday shopping season, Amazon’s shares rose up incrementally faster. Although the shares have been on an upward climb, something that saw Bezos benefit by about $32.6 billion.

That is right! Bezos earned $32.6 billion in 2017 alone, enough to make him overshadow Gates and Buffet. Bezos’ 2017 success has left him with so much cash to spare that he doesn’t know what to do with it. In fact, he is asking for your help in how he is going to spend all the money.

No doubt Amazon has had a good year run in 2017 and is still convincing its investors that it is poised to carve out an even bigger lead in the e-commerce industry. You only need to look at the success it has registered in its various portfolios like the hardware division with the Alexa, voice assistant. Its cloud business and Amazon Web Services are booming, and it is also betting big on groceries as it bought Whole Foods at the start of 2017.

The 12-figure milestone

Bill Gates was the first man to make the 12-figure fortune, and he did it as early as last century in 1999. Ever since he began The Giving Pledge and was soon joined by other billionaires like Warren Buffet and now Jeff Bezos is asking for ideas of what to do while in that billionaire’s club.

For Gates, he has the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that purpose to reduce poverty around the world.

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