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Black Lives Matter: Scientists Worth Writing by Students


We often overlook the contribution made to the scientific development by black nasa scientists, ophthalmologists, physicists, and other experts of Afro-American origin. This is probably because we tend to associate successful Afro-Americans with the sport or entertainment industry. We often forget that these men or women who gave us so much had a much harder time achieving their dreams in the academic field. Becoming one of the scientist people takes a lot of schooling plus a fearless determination for someone who has to fight and conquer obstacles like discrimination or prejudice to achieve his dream. They are an inspiration to us all and are fine examples of perseverance and fortitude.

Some honorable mentions 

Patricia Bath grew up in one working-class family in Harlem which didn’t stop her to become a top student in her class or later invent a revolutionary probe used for cataract treatment. George Washington Carver was born in the slavery but became a world-renowned botanist plus a pioneer in soil depletion prevention. His life is among frequent examples and a topic for black live matter movement essays. And he is an inspiration not only to the Afro-Americans. Reading some unique black lives matter essays can give you the information about other amazing black scientists. For example, Katherine Johnson is a space travel pioneer with more than twenty missions under her belt where she calculated the trajectory of space crafts and celestial bodies. 

Hall of fame

No, we didn’t forget Neil deGrasse Tyson. And no black lives matter essay that deals with astrophysics can omit his name, as he is one among the most recognizable faces searched online when it comes to popular science. His numerous best-selling books are examples of hard science made comprehensible for our contemporary audience. Any black lives matter essay wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Arthur B. C. Walker whose groundbreaking work made it possible to construct telescopes that gave us our first close images of the Sun. Among other examples of academic excellence are Margaret Collins and Ernest Just whose achievements in zoology and microbiology paved the way for modern breakthroughs in these disciplines. 


These experts made a mark in modern science without much help of luck, but by standing out with their unique abilities and passion for science. You will find accounts of their achievements within online free essay samples dedicated to black scientists.

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