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Blossom Academy, a Data Science talent accelerator launches in Ghana

by Milicent Atieno
blossom academy

Blossom Academy has set up in Ghana with the aim of providing a data scientists pipeline for startups. The institution also wants to partner up with local universities to equip the graduate with market-relevant skills in data science.

Its business model is to recruit, develop, then deploy data scientists into specific industries in-line with their training. A model the institute says will greatly benefit employers looking for specific skills in their data scientists to grow their businesses.

The institute will be conducting their training through online, on-campus, in-person sessions. Blossom Academy wants to establish a pathway for fresh university graduates from diverse training backgrounds to build the knowledge and skills to becoming data science professionals.

Students who go through the program and successfully graduate are placed at jobs within Blossom Academy analytics division on a two-year contract. They also get industry certification and continue learning during the two years.

Blossom Academy primarily works with leading startup companies to design a curriculum that addresses their date-related deficiencies. In return, they give them preference to their top graduates,” said the Academy to a section of the media.

They then work with educational institutions such as DataCamp, Data Science Institute, and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to repurpose their world-class resources for the training program.”

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