Blow to Huawei as Vodafone pauses further deployment of its infrastructure to the Core Network

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Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei has suffered yet another setback as the world’s second-biggest mobile operator, Vodafone, freezes further deployment of Huawei equipment into its core network.

Vodafone announced it is “pausing” further deployment of the Huawei equipment into its core network. Until such a time the Western governments resolve the reservations they have against the Chinese company.

Personally, if I were Huawei, I won’t hold my breath on particularly the U.S. government to give it a green light. The Trump administration seems hellbent on taking China on trade war, and the chances of giving a Chinese company a green light seem closer to zero.

Though there are legitimate concerns the Western governments have with Huawei. With allegations that it is acting as an espionage tool for Beijing to governments around the world. Though Huawei has tried so hard to fight off this tag, it seems there is no escaping it.

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Nick Read, the CEO of Vodafone said on Friday that the Huawei debate was playing out at a rather “too simplistic level.” Though he did acknowledge the company as an important player in the telecommunication equipment and infrastructure market.

Read further said that Huawei equipment has already been used at the core of Vodacom’s telecommunication infrastructure – the intelligent part of the networks in parts of Spain among other small markets.

Given that, we have decided to pause further Huawei in our core whilst we engage with the various agencies and governments and Huawei just to finalize the situation, of which I feel Huawei is really open and working hard,” said Read.

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