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Bluetooth Quick Pair coming to Windows 10 devices

by Felix Omondi
Bluetooth Quick Pair

Aaargh, the problems with pairing Bluetooth devices! Those steps, processes, procedures, and technicalities have made Bluetooth feature almost redundant. That is despite the fact that these days they’re available in pretty much all electronic devices. Your laptop has it, so does your phone, tablet, PC, smart TV, printer, audio entertainment, and many more.

However, most people almost never use it, why? It too cumbersome pairing two devices together. One device must be searching while the other just silently showing itself available, passwords must be entered, and there is a short window of time that you must search, find, and enter the password. Otherwise, the process will be unsuccessful and you’ll have to start all over again.

Well, Microsoft is said to be working on bringing Bluetooth Quick Pair to Windows 10 PCs. To make Bluetooth pairing on your PC and laptop a little less cumbersome. If you are unfamiliar with Bluetooth Quick Pair, well, it allows you to pair two Bluetooth devices without all the hustle describe above.

With Bluetooth Quick Pair, you simply bring the two devices into close proximity and a pop-up message will appear asking you to authorize the pairing. Saving you a lot of time and less wrinkles on your face. In this fast-paced world where paying attention to technical stuff is rare, who needs all the cumbersome processes of pairing Bluetooth devices?

The Bluetooth technology is already in use in Apple Airpods and Google Pixel headphone. It is about time Microsoft catches up with the Quick Par technology.

When exactly are we getting it?

You will have to be a little patient on that, as it has been the tradition with Microsoft, the feature will first be on dry runs among the Windows Insiders community before being released to everyone. Even if it gets released, we don’t know yet if it will support all Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 devices or it will be for specific devices like the Xbox Controller and the Surface mouse.

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