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Boeing opens up new offices in Africa

World leading aerospace manufacturer, Boeing, has opened up two offices in Nairobi and Johannesburg. A move geared towards enabling the company to take customer services closer to its African clients, as it seeks to expand its presence across the globe.

Miguel Santos as the Managing Director for sub-Saharan Africa and the Director of International Sales in Africa will head the Johannesburg office. In a statement to newsrooms, Santos said Boeing is keen on paying closer attention to the African market, as the continent is set to grow phenomenally in its economy performance.

Africa in not new territory for Boeing. Since the introduction of the jet airplane, Boeing aircraft have formed the backbone of the continent’s commercial fleet, and Boeing continues to be one of the largest US-based companies doing business on the continent,”

said Santos.

Based on a recent report, Current Market Outlook, Boeing says over the next 20 years, Africa will need 1,150 new airplanes. Air traffic to and from the continent is also forecasted to grow by 6.1% annually.

Chamsou Andjorin will lead the Nairobi office. This development comes barely a week after the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration elevated on of Kenya airports to Category One Status.

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi now enjoys the Category One status. Meaning flight to and from the US can be taken at the airport. This development will not only reduce the cost of airline tickets to and from Kenya for US travelers but also boost trade, especially for horticultural products exporters. Another trade set to rise is tourism and business tourists from the States looking for work and/or pleasure in Kenya.

The elevations of JKIA to Category One airport also indicates the US government nod of the security conditions in the country.

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