Botched U.S. Army Airdrop, Ends Up Bombarding Germany With Humvees

United States Army airdrop operation treated soldiers garrisoned in Hohehfelz, Germany by making it rain humvees, literally.

Remember that time it rained spiders in Goulburn, Australia? Well, it also rained big things for these soldiers. When I say rained big things, you might be thinking of car-sized hails dropping from the sky. Well, you are thinking in the right direction, except it was not hail stones that were falling from the heavens; it was vehicles, three military Humvees to be specific.

According to Army Times

, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team was delivering some Humvee vehicles to the soldiers earlier this month. The delivery was made in the form of airdrops where the Humvees were ‘pushed out’ of airborne planes and left to drop to the ground with parachutes strapped to them.

On this particular airdrop thing did not go as planned as three

Humvee sort of slipped from their chutes and rained down on the ground. As you can see in the video below posted by the U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments Facebook Page.

In the video, you can see three cars cutting lose from their chutes and crashing into the ground. There were no injuries as the airdrop was done in a designated area away from people.

Twitter account @TheWTFNation claim to have pictures of the crash. As you can see in their quoted tweet, the Humvees utterly destroyed.

The airdrop was part of a U.S. military exercise dubbed Saber Junction 16, where they are testing land operations in partnership with other countries. If you do not know what a Humvee looks like, below is a picture of one.

The civilian version, Hummer was designed with inspirations from the military Humvee.

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