Boy child with three biological parents born in Greece

No, it is not what you are thinking; baby born out of a threesome or when a woman sleeps with two partners at different times but within a short period. This boy child with three biological parents has been artificially given genetic materials from his three biological parents.

As it works out, the sperm from a single father taken to fertilize the egg of one woman, then the content of the fertilized eggs taken and placed inside a donor egg from a different woman. Sounds confusing, right? Well, that was the layman (short) version of the story.

The technical version goes like this, the boy child was born out of an experimental IVF that uses an egg from one mother, sperm from a father, and egg from a donor woman. The process no doubt is controversial as it raises ethical concerns was done with the intention of circumventing the passage of defective mitochondrial disease from the mother to the baby.

The woman in question has a mitochondrial defect, so when her fertilized egg is combined with the egg of a healthy donor woman. It reduces the chances of the fetus inheriting her defective mitochondrial genes. However, the fetus will now carry genetic material from the three parents, the father, mother, and the woman who donated an egg.

The patient is 32-years-old and has in the past undertaken a number of unsuccessful cycles of IVF. Now, she is the mother of a baby boy whose genetic makeup comes from three biological parents.


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