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BRCK launches a new super version of the portable router SupaBRCK

by Milicent Atieno

Kenya-based integrated hardware and software startup BRCK has launched a revamped version of its mobile rugged router BRCK dubbed SupaBRCK.

The new version is an upgrade of the first BRCK launched back in 2013 as a one-stop solution to the power problems and lack of internet connection in rural and remote areas. The device is designed to be physically tough and has enough backup power to run for 8 hours on a single charge. All the while giving users reliable internet connection in virtually any environment as long as there is a cellular network.

The new revamped version, SupaBRCK also comes in an outdoor weather ready casing does all that its predecessor does plus a few extra functionalities. The startup refers to the new devices as a jack of all trade but a master of none.

SupaBRCK addresses multiple problems beginning with internet connection, power backup, and digital files storage among others. The device comes powered by a dual-core Intel 64-bit chip and has 5TB hard drive for storage and a battery that last up to 10 hours on a single charge. SupaBRCK can also be powered by solar.

SupaBRCK’s internet connection is possible via mobile data. The device can hold 3 SIM cards with support for both 4G LTE and 3G network. It connects users to the internet via Wi-Fi network, and the network can support up to 100 users simultaneously with no loss of quality.

SupaBRCK also has the content delivery network (CDN) capability, which allows companies or individuals where they can store their content locally. This setup reduces data cost as some of the content are stored locally on the device itself as opposed to downloading them from the internet.

Institutions such as school can benefit immensely from this feature, as curriculum and educational content can be stored locally. Access to the content will be instant and cheap given there will be no need for internet connection.

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