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Bright Changes for Women in Technology

Bright Changes for Women in Technology

Opportunities for women who want to work in the tech field are growing every day. However, with every new growth there will always be some obstacles they will have to go over. But they still push through to reach their goals and dreams.

Forbes published a story about how women can emerge in the technology business with the support of their companies. They spoke with Bernadette Andrietti, vice president at technology firm Intel. She admitted there were still two major issues women were facing: the number of women in the industry and the opportunities to advance their career and pay.

The first step in advancing women in technology is “Maximizing the Opportunity.” Companies and governments should help women take the next step in the technology industry because women introduce a fresh perspective on product design, ways of working, risk-taking and other aspects.

Pamela Maynard, president for Europe, Africa and Latin America at IT consultancy Avande, says the teams with the best results are those comprising professionals with different attitudes, methods and backgrounds.

Any obstacles can in part be tackled by recognizing women’s strengths, insights and skills to ensure that they are taking active steps in their careers early on, so the pipeline remains rich with female candidates,” Maynard told Forbes.

Another aspect that everyone knows is the most important for any career is “Education.” Adrietti told Forbes that she is staying positive for the future of women in IT, due to factors that work in the women’s favor from early in their lives.

Businesses and governments in developing economies are working together to nurture technology talent,” said Adrietti.

To read the whole story, click here.

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