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Bubble Lets You Create Web Applications with No Coding Experience

by Fahad Saleem

Bubble is an amazing service, a bootstrapped startup, that lets you create a Web application with no coding experience. You don’t have to be a coder to build web applications. It is a web development framework tool for non-tech savvy people. This service makes coding as easy as playing with Lego blocks. Many big and small companies are using it to create Web applications. It is quite controlling than the usual website building service but it’s always annoyingly limited too. Bubble gives you a visual interface. It is a general-purpose speedy application development software that lets you create Web and mobile applications without any coding.

It is very simple to use this service. All you have to do is drag and drop to create the perfect design for your Web App. Moreover, you get to create responsive designs and animations. You have full control to design however you wish to. Tell Bubble step-by-step what actions to perform when the user will interact with it. The developers have to integrate particular logic to enable the workflows to run in unique situations. You can customize the App for different users such as change the appearance or text of your Web App. It lets you send emails to the users, process transactions, and save and display data. To host your Web App through Bubble is just one-click away. It lets you host your App instantly on their cloud platform. It hosts and scales the website as the traffic grows. The good news is, you don’t have to deploy any servers for your Web App. Its main aim is to let you focus on the front-end, the users.

Due to its uncomplicated interface, you can create and modify workflows and databases entirely visually. You start in the design tab with a blank canvas. Use the drag and drop feature to add element wherever you want to on your web pages such as photos, maps, text or input forms. Then, in the second tab, you create the logic behind your Web application. In the next tab, you interact with the database. The preview button lets you see the development version whenever you want to see it.

Bubble has a detailed pricing plan which is billed monthly or annually with each plan having its own benefits. There is a free version which has core platform features, community support, editor password protection, 2GB file storage, and custom domain which is built with Bubble branding. The personal plan is for $16/month or $14/month (billed annually) with additional features such as 10GB storage, real-time analytics, etc. The professional plan is for $69/month or $62/month (billed annually) with features like reserved server capacity. The team plan is for $185/month or $165/month (billed annually) with advanced App management. The production plan is for $500/month or $445/month (billed annually) with enhanced storage and backups. You can purchase and download the Bubble service here.


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