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Cache Killer: The Fast & Furious Cache Cleaner For Google Chrome

by Fahad Saleem

Cache Killer: The Fast & Furious Cache Cleaner For Google Chrome

If you regularly browse the internet, you have probably come across the term web cache. If you don’t already know it, web cache is the temporary storage of web documents like CSS, images and even whole HTML pages. The mechanism is called caching and it helps decrease website/page load times by using the cache files instead of requesting fresh content from the servers. Despite being a useful feature, web cache decreases the chance of getting fresh content from actively updating websites.

Cache Killer is a free extension for Google Chrome. It is brought to you by MaxiBlue and is available for a free download at the Chrome Web Store. After installation, it shows up as a discrete green colored button on the Omnibar. You can click on it to toggle the automatic cache clearing function on or off. Once enabled, it clears your web cache every time you load a new page, thus ensuring that you receive fresh content.

cache killer 1

The Cache Killer extension is particularly useful for web designers/developers or any task that demands checking a site repeatedly for any changes. Moreover, Cache Killer is a must for low-end devices as the web cache is sometimes seen to take too much space on the hard drive.

cache killer 2

Version 1.1 of Cache Killer adds an Options page. You can right-click the Cache Killer button to access the various options it offers such as whether to load on start or not. It takes up a measly 11.44 KB of space. For such a little thing, it sure packs a punch! The Enable on start option is used to speed up the start time of Google Chrome.

cache killer 3

It is also worth mentioning that Cache Killer does not bother you with any advertisements and/or a premium version (partly, because it does not have a premium version). Cache Killer also gives an option for a quick uninstall.

With the introductions aside, is it really advantageous to have your web cache cleared every time? Clearing the web cache obviously slows down page loading times. Moreover, it can lead to slightly increased bandwidth usage.

Also, Cache Killer doesn’t introduce a particularly new feature. The SHIFT+REFRESH (forced refresh) shortcut has been around for quite some time. Google Chrome also supports the CTRL+F5 shortcut to load the page again.

As mentioned before, Cache Killer is free to use indefinitely. You can download it at the Cache Killer Extension Page. Installation is easy: Just download it and Google Chrome will do its magic.

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