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California movers – Top four sites for selling items online before moving


Moving is an exciting phase in life but it is daunting and exhausting as well. It involves many tasks like packing, arranging things, finding a new home in the new city or place of relocation. Taking an appointment with the movers and along with these tasks, you need to manage your office work and household chores as well. This gives a lot of stress and frustration. But one thing that we come across while packing our belongings is that we accumulate a lot of things over the years which we do not need or use, and we do not get rid of them as well. You must get rid of them before moving because they won’t be used and add to your moving cost. California movers suggest that you must sell your extra and unused belongings before moving. Now the question arises- Where to sell the items? One of getting rid of these items is to donate them to some charitable organization. Else, many online sites allow you to sell goods in exchange for cash. In this article, we will discuss four such sites where you can sell your goods online.


Amazon is a very popular platform among buyers and sellers. Amazon also allows people to sell their items on Amazon, used, or unused. You list your items for sale on the Amazon, and it will pop up in the searcher’s list when they search for the same or a similar item, your items might catch someone’s attention and they will buy it. For instance, you want to sell a barely used dress, and someone is searching for a dress and they find the dress that you are selling at a reasonable price, and buy your item instead of any other dress. Amazon allows you to sell a wide variety of items- clothes, footwear, accessories, electronic gadgets, items for personal care, and much more. Furthermore, Amazon charges a minimal fee as a commission for selling the items. You don’t need to be bothered about fraudulent customers as Amazon receives the payment and then transfers it to your account. It allows a facility of delivering goods, in case you don’t want to deliver the goods by yourself.


Craigslist allows you to sell all your items for free of cost, so if you don’t want to incur any cost on selling, you can sell your items on Craigslist. The only drawback of Craigslist, that it does not monitor any transactions on its platform, so it is advisable to meet face-to-face with the customer before selling any item. In other words, use Craigslist carefully and cautiously. People prefer to use Craiglist when they have to sell items locally and they can meet customers at a physical location before finalizing the deal because dealing with strangers is too risky. You need to keep a few points in mind while listing items for selling on Craigslist. Always consider these points while listing items, and then sit back and relax and get a quote for apartment movers because you need to make a budget for that as well.

A lot of people list their items on Craigslist and your items may not get a chance to appear on any of the searches. If you don’t want this to happen, then post clear pictures or the items with a description so it can catch the attention of the seller.

Many buyers will also try to bargain for the items on Craigslist. So add a higher price in the description than the price you are expecting to get for the item.

It is said that items posted in the morning are more likely to be sold, so list your items in the morning.


eBay is another online platform you can rely on to sell your used or unused items. eBay allows its users to list their items for sale either on auction or at a fixed price. eBay is considered a relatively safe and scam free platform for selling items. This is because maximum items on eBay are conducted through PayPal which is also owned by eBay. So this makes eBay a scam free platform to sell items.eBay also charges a listing fee from its users along with the ‘Final Fees” it charges if a listed item is sold. ‘Final fees’ is the percentage of the price of the sold item plus shipping fees, if any. Therefore, we can say that ‘Final Fees’ depends on the price and category of the product. For selling items on eBay, add a photo with description and price or the minimum bid and then customers will reach you.

Websites for selling used books

If you are a book lover or a college student, you are very aware of the fact that you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on buying these books, they are read ones and then they lie in a closet or as a decorative material on a shelf. However, some websites allow you to sell used books at a negotiable price. is one such website, another such platform that allows you to do so is You just need to add the book’s ISBN on the website, and then you can get a good deal for your books. The sellers receive the payment in the form of a cheque or PayPal. You need to keep only one condition in mind that the book should be in good condition and the writing or highlighting should be only 10-20% of the book.

You can sell your items on these four sites without any hassle and get a good deal for your items. Moreover, before setting a price find the price of the competitor’s product and set the price accordingly. Be truthful and honest while writing the description, if there are any flaws or the product is damaged, then mention it in the description. And, take good, clear, and high definition pictures of the products.

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