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Cameroon Angels Network Selects #YouCAN Pitch Competition Winners

Cameroon Angels Network Selects #YouCAN Pitch Competition Winners

Three startups to receive cash prizes and up to $40,000 in investment each

Cameroon Angels Network (CAN) announced the selection of three Cameroonian tech startups as the winners of the #YouCAN competition.

The #YouCAN competition attracted over 45 applicants from all over Cameroon vying for the opportunity to be selected as the first investment of the newly created CAN. After an initial selection process, 10 startups were invited to pitch on Saturday, January 31, 2015 during the #Pitch237 joint event with Cameroon tech hub ActivSpaces which was selecting eligible startups for their upcoming Activation Bootcamp.

The three winners of #YouCAN:

*CarDispo: CarDispo is a Mobile and web based platform that aims to connect passengers and taxi-drivers.

*New Era Publishers: New Era Publishers is building the “African Disney” by creating comic characters and making them available through multiple channels such as comic books, toys and video games.

* enriches the television viewer’s experience by creating a central virtual place where viewers worldwide watching the same program can connect to discuss and share their emotions in real time.

New Era Publishers and were also winners of the separately judged Activation Bootcamp competition.

The winners of the #YouCAN competition will each receive $500 in cash prizes. In addition, they will each receive up to $40,000 each in investment after a due diligence process by CAN. The due diligence process in expected to last approximately three months.

Seed investment has always been a key missing element of the Cameroon startup ecosystem. With #YouCAN, the Cameroon Angels Network aims to change that” says CAN cofounder Rebecca Enonchong.”

We had some excellent investment candidates” Says CAN cofounder Anthony Same “Selecting these three is just the beginning. We look forward to many long term investments in Cameroon based startups.”

About the Cameroon Angels Network

Founded in 2014, Cameroon Angels Network (CAN) is the first network of angel investors in Cameroon. CAN invests in all sectors and industries with a particular interest in technology.


Twitter: @cameroonangels

Facebook: YouCanCompetition.

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