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Cameroon tackles Identity Fraud with Gemalto Advanced eID Solution

Cameroon tackles Identity Fraud with Gemalto Advanced eID Solution

Surpasses 100 references in Government Programs

September 7, 2016 – Gemalto (, the world leader in digital security, is supporting DGSN, the General Delegation for National Security in Cameroon, in tackling fraud and document counterfeiting ( with the deployment of Sealys Color in PC for polycarbonate eID cards, a first in Africa.

This innovative approach consists in laser engraving high resolution color photos into the durable Sealys card body to provide Cameroon with the benefits of irrefutable proof of identity ( for its 20 million citizens.Cameroon tackles Identity Fraud with Gemalto Advanced eID Solution

Gemalto also contributes to the country’s comprehensive identity modernization program with its Coesys enrolment solution, its personalization platform implementing color laser engraving technology and eID verification terminals(

Gemalto’s Sealys Color in PC eID offers DGSN significant security benefits compared to solutions that simply print photographs on the surface of a card. Furthermore, the tamper-proof image is combined with a digital copy of the card holder’s fingerprint stored within the embedded microprocessor.

Additional levels of protection are provided by a series of visible and invisible document security features ( The card body, which is entirely made of polycarbonate foils, guarantees a minimum ten year service life with outstanding resistance to extremes of temperature and mechanical stress.

Gemalto will enable DGSN to operate the fully integrated system autonomously via a comprehensive training, maintenance and knowledge transfer program. DGSN will therefore be in a position to take full responsibility for enrolling citizens and issuing personalized eID cards, then verifying eIDs on the terminals supplied.

Gemalto is the perfect match for our ambitious project goals. The end to end solution will give us full flexibility and autonomy to manage and operate our new national eID program in house,” said Martin Mbarga Nguele, the General Delegate to the National Security, Head of DGSN (

Establishing and verifying every citizen’s identity is at the heart of a successful and secure nation state, and we are confident this solution will help us achieve this key strategic objective.”

Representing the first deployment of Color in Polycarbonate in Africa, the solution chosen by DGSN puts Cameroon at the very forefront of the world’s secure document programs,” said Frédéric Trojani, Executive Vice President Government Programs at Gemalto.

As well as a technological leap towards greater security and efficiency, it will provide the foundation of trust on which a modern digital society and economy can be builtWith this new contract, Gemalto surpasses 100 references in government programs.”

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