Cameroon’s video games studio Kiro’o Games launches e-learning portal Rebuntu for entrepreneurship skills training

Cameroon's video games studio Kiro'o Games launches e-learning portal Rebuntu for entrepreneurship skills training

Kiro’o Games is perhaps the best-known video games studio from Central Africa. Founded in 2013, the first major video game title they launched was ‘Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan.’

All of its games draw their inspiration around African mythology, which is a fresh of new air, from all the Hollywood inspired video games that flock the market.

The studio has recently launched an online educational platform Rebuntu, through which it seeks to train Cameroonians on how to start a business, manage it successfully, and scale up while making profits. The Cameroonian video games studio has identified the lack of entrepreneurial skills and spirit in the Central African country. It has taken matters into its own hands and is now equipping the youth with the skills they need to create employment for themselves.

Our generation has the duty to bring something really new that will finally generate growth,” said Oliver Madiba, the Founder, and CEO of Kiro’o Games.

The e-learning platform Rebuntu will work on a subscription basis, and learners will pay $17.50 to access the educational materials therein. The learning materials include cartoons and ‘pro tips’ on how to identify viable projects, how to go about hiring the right staff and securing investors for your startups.

Learners can also opt for in-person mentorship from the Kiro’o Games staff; which can be done both in person or virtually online. This development is encouraging especially when you consider that Cameroon, though politically somewhat stable for a while now, is in a neighborhood filled with civil unrest and wars. The country is also plagued by a high rate of youth unemployment.

It is reported the country has a huge population of well-educated youths, but due to lack of employment. They often end up making a scrubby living out of farming, driving taxis and operating market stalls.

Kiro’o Games head of digital communications, William Fankam, thinks the video game studio is going to change things for the better. He says, “We are wall-breakers.”

Fankam says their gaming team is focused on ensuring the challenges facing the region not be an excuse for lack of development. Their game designers are looking for ways to make the learning process of these entrepreneurship skills more fun; despite the fact, the region lacks some of the support infrastructures that will make the training smoother.

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