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You Can Create Quick Notes from Notification Center Using NCMemo

by Fahad Saleem

You Can Create Quick Notes from Notification Center Using NCMemo

The users of iOS 6 enjoyed plenty of customizations and tweaks for their Notifications Center. The iOS 7.1 is not far behind also. Another wonderful tweak called as NCMemo, for taking notes and memos from the notification center, arrives in the Cydia store for iOS 7.1 users.

NCMemo provides a resizable text box to the Notification Center that lies under the “Today” tab. It allows you to create notes and memos from anywhere within your iOS.

You just need to pull down your Notification Center and start typing your notes immediately. Once you are done with writing notes, you can hide the keyboard by tapping on the right side of the box or somewhere outside it.

The tweak also offers the customization option for text box like font size, background color, font color and much more from the preferences pane of the tweak.

notes 2

Once the tweak is installed, you need to enable it from the Notification Center pane of the Settings app. To do so, you need to go to Settings->Notification Centre and then toggle NCMemo to on. You can also customize its position in the Notification Center by clicking on “Edit” button in the top right corner and then grabbing the position handles to adjust its position.

notes 3

NCMemo also comes with the Preferences pane containing various sliders for configuring your text box, its font size, background color, transparency and text color. Once you choose the color, you need to adjust the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue Sliders). The font is available varying from the size of 9 to 36.

If you don’t see NCMemo is your Notifications Center, you need to reboot your device until the tweak appears.

In short, NCMemo is a wonderful tool for creating Memos and notes on the go from anywhere within the iOS. If you are looking for quick ways to take the notes, it is recommended to try NCMemo and use its amazing features of creating notes on the go. It is available for downloading for free from the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. It supports all iOS 7 devices.

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