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Can I Change My Career after 30? Success Stories from Actual People Who Did Exactly That

by Fahad Saleem

A lot of us are stuck in jobs which we don’t like. We can always make big changes in our lives, but sometimes psychological boundaries are too hard to push. One of these boundaries is age. Can I change my life after 30? Yes, you can. 30 is just the start.

If you want some motivation to change your career, read the stories of successful people who turned their life around after the age of 30, 40 and even 50.

From paper boy to book author

This guy started as a paper boy at 14 and kept changing careers. From scooping ice cream to self-publishing, this guy’s story is full of changes and turns. The story shows that life does not end with a single career, and you will come out just fine after big changes.

Here’s the comment:

47 years old, have changed jobs and careers many times. Can confirm, life continues. Am not dead. Here’s a quick rundown.


Age 14: Paperboy – Gotta start somewhere.


15ish: Scooped ice cream – perks: Free ice cream


18-21: College. Was studying to be a science teacher. Became pot smoker instead.


21-30: Marines. See above. Was lucky enough to finish degree while enlisted.


30-44: A series of IT related jobs, everything from help desk to executive level consulting.


44-45: Abruptly left office life to hike the Appalachian Trail


46: Self Published first book. (See prior entry)


47: Author/storyteller/workshopping some standup, working on second book


Read this guy’s comments here


Changing career at 45

A story shared by a Redditor gave a nice perspective on career change after 30. This guy, who is over 40, changed his career multiple times. And now at the age of 45 he is about to make another big flip.

Here is his comment that reveals his wisdom:

Making a change isn’t about flipping a switch. It’s a process. My transition plan assumes that I likely won’t be able to realistically transition to a new field until next year. That way I can build up my resume to show that I’m willing to put in the work needed to transition. I can also start to add the new skills to my resume over the next few months. I am also looking for ways I can use my current role to start to gain experience that will translate to the new field. That way, when the time comes to look at new opportunities, I will look more experienced than someone who hasn’t put in the work on the front end.


Read this person’s full comments here

From Depression to Success

This 43-year old guy turned his life around after struggling with depression for years. Once the owner of a thriving business, he started facing financial problems. In the midst of crisis, this guy read some great books, listened to some great people and changed his life. Now, his business is thriving again and his employees are happy.

Here’s a part of his comment:

You asked for success stories, so I listed some of those things above, but the reality is this: As soon as I stopped placing so much importance on being successful, truly struggling my way to that goal, and focused on being present, envisioning the life I wanted and then letting the Universe take over, I found myself not only achieving more, but being perfectly happy with the pace at which it happened. Am I striving for more? Sure. But I’m not beating myself up for not having it sooner, faster, now.

Read this guy’s story here

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