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Can I Use My Own Router with CenturyLink?


If you are having the existing line and have a plan for getting the new one then you will get the biggest question mark in your mind. To find the answer to this question, first, you have to know whether it is possible for you to execute. For the usable line, the router that you use must be working or connected to the smart type of technologies as that you are doing connection. Before you are going to establish the connection, you should know lots of things related to processing it.

To successfully get preceded with it before you are going to know about it there you must first question that should you use the router on your own? It is because most of the service providers like CenturyLink will provide their own new routers and modem for establishing their connections as part of the new subscriptions that they are using it.

Both this router as well as the modem will act as an all-in-one router. That comes with a free of charge. That is, it will be included in the plan that you are going to make use of it.

What modem does CenturyLink give?

While purchasing the plan normally they offer the two different types of routers that depend based on the type of requirements. That is it would either make use of the fiber router or DSL. Both types can be used based on the request that you post. In case when you are going to rent an additional Wi-Fi router there you have to pay some additional charge for processing.

Unless now you are going to mainly make use of the internet connecting in wired form there is something that you have to consider in addition to it. That is add-on plan must simplify your work. These acts as the main reason why people are getting opt to buy their own plan. On the other side getting one of the direct CenturyLink would support saving you from all the troubles that you are facing.

The router is helpful for the users to start enjoying the wireless connection that is established through Wi-Fi. At present most of the modems are also considered as router means there it is required for you to have only the required one for performing all the tasks.

Things to consider before using your router

Even though you got an overall idea about the modem and use of the router there you have to consider a lot of things before you are going to switch on towards it. The DSL technologies are used for speeding the process and to establish faster performance. To grab all these features there you have to specify which type of DSL technology that you are going to make use of it in the line and your area.

Whether it is possible for boosting the signal?

If you cannot improve the maximum internet speed without upgrading the plan that you are using there you can start increasing with the support of the Wi-Fi signals. Here the router would be compatibilities for broadcasting the signal of the internet and no longer in the range with the fewer data.

When you are living in a big house there usually you will stay in separate rooms and during that time even a good router would not be enough for establishing the proper connections. In this case there you have to start buying the extra router along with a Wi-Fi extender.

What would be its speed?

The maximum speed that is required for setting the internet connection will be dependent based on the course and the plan. Households, where there are no heavy users, are required it need a perfect and stable connection. The most basic plan that is required for this is 15 Mpbs.

CenturyLink’s price that is required for life that comes with a max speed is 100 Mbps that suits perfectly for an ideal for the family. This plan will suit best for your family. However when you are sure about how to exactly choose what you required there take time to order online.

Finally, yes of course you can connect the router. If you want extra support there you can rent while you are choosing its plan. To know more about the plan there you have to first sign up for your plan, there you can find an option to either rent or buy the modem or router that is required.

When compared to the renting buying will be suitable only that will be helpful for you to hold the entire control of the process that is going to take place. Buying also helps for reducing the lower monthly bill as well as the choice of your equipment.

Can I Use My Own Router with CenturyLink?

Yes, of course you can start using it by establishing a proper set of connections.

Can you rent the modem and router from CenturyLink?

There are also chances are there for you to rent for some additional modem and router if required.

What are the benefits of buying the modem and router?

You are going to spend only one time. It acts as a long-term service.

How can you check your plan?

You can directly log in to CenturyLink and check out all plans.

Can you get additional router services?

Yes of course, there are also chances are there for you to get additional router support after paying an additional amount.

What to do when you have doubts about the plan?

When you have queries you can post to the customer support team in prior and clarified.

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