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You can make art using Microsoft Excel? This Excel artist does!

by Felix Omondi
microsoft excel

When most people think of spreadsheets, the think of raw quantitative data that needs to be empirically analyzed then summarized in the form of tabular reports or chats and bar graphs. I bet, art is far from anyone’s mind when using Microsoft Excel suit.

While I appreciate the fact, there are numerous applications for Excel that due to lack of interest or need most people don’t know about yet. Most people, not even in their wildest imagination would have thought of creating art using Microsoft Excel.

If they were using Microsoft Office suite, you would expect them to think of art when using packages like Publisher or PowerPoint, not Excel. Well, a retiree from Japan, Tatsuo Horiuchi creates art using, Microsoft Excel!

The 74-year-old looked around and thought Excel is the perfect medium for creating art. Were it not for the fact that his artwork is actually pretty damn good; you would be forgiven for dismissing the idea of creating art on an Excel spreadsheet.

Well, take a look at some of his work as showcased at BusinessInsider.

microsoft excelmicrosoft excelmicrosoft excelmicrosoft excel


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