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You can now Delete your Uber Account Permanently through the app

by Milicent Atieno

Uber has been running as one of those things that are very easy to get into, but nearly impossible to get out of. Sounds like an addiction, don’t it?

I hope you know that deleting your Uber account does not end with you deleting/uninstalling the app. That just means you no longer have the app running on your smartphone, but all your details still remain active under your profile on Uber servers.

To truly delete your Uber profile, it previously was a process that began with you submitting a request to the company. The request first passes through a customer service agent who (of course) tries to talk you out of it, but if you remain strong and adamant. Uber will receive your submission, and you then have to wait for them to process the deletion of your profile.

Well, that is how things used to be, until the just released update to the Uber app. Now you can delete your profile (and all your information stored on the Uber servers) by simply going to the new account deletion section on the app. You will get a warning telling you that deleting your account will also deactivate your profile after 30 days.

That means all the information Uber has on you; personal identity, trips records and other details, will be completely wiped out of their servers after 30 days from the day you delete your account.

Why would anyone want to delete their Uber account?

That could be anyone’s guess. However, if you are concerned about how active Travis Kalanick has become in the U.S. politics, that might be reasons enough for some to want to disassociate themselves with Uber. Then there are those allegations of sexual harassment within the company.

The bottom line is, there could be plenty of reasons why anyone would want to delete their Uber account. Some as simple as you no longer find it to be the most convenient or affordable taxi hailing app in the market. Whatever your reasons, it has never been easier to delete your Uber account, before this update.

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