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You Can Now Play Counter Strike 1.6 on Android Phone or Tablet: Here’s How

by Fahad Saleem

Counter Strike is one of the most popular first person shooter games. Millions of people play it online and compete with each other. If you are a fan of Counter Strike and wanted to play it on your Android phone, the wait is over now. You can actually install and play Counter Strike on Android phone or tablet because an amazing developer has made a way for you to do that.

Alibek Omarev, the developer who has made Counter Strike for Android says that it was his wish to play Counter Strike game on his Android tablet. That was the initial motivator. Omarev posted a Youtube video of Counter Strike on Android tablet and that has gone viral.

Check out the official Github page for Counter Strike 1.6 for Android to get all the information and links.

Here is how you can get Counter Strike in Android phone or tablet.

You will need a copy of CS1.6 via Steam to install the game.

Counter Strike 1.6 for Android is available in the form of an apk file. You can Download and install the apk file. You will need to use omp postfix if you have multi-core device but check out our detailed guides here and here on how to install any apk file in your Android device. If you cannot use the omp postfix, you can also use noomp to install it. This is especially useful for the single core Android devices.

Now you should install the latest Xash3D Android. Click this Github link to install it.

Now you will have to copy the Counter Strike and Valve folders  from Steam CS1.6 installation to the xash folder on your SD Card in your Android phone or tablet.

Go to the Counter Strike(Cstrike) folder and delete all  PAK files which have their name starting with the phrase “touch” or “vgui” in cstrike folder.

Now just run the Counter Strike client and the game would start running.

Here is the video of the gameplay of Counter Strike on Android uploaded by the developer. It is not very impressing as far as speed and agility is concerned, but the very idea of Counter Strike running on Android device is enough to amaze people.

If you have a latest Android device like Galaxy S6 or S7, you will have an amazing and fast gameplay for Counter Strike.





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