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You Can Now Send GIF Messages in iOS 8

by Fahad Saleem

You Can Now Send GIF Messages in iOS 8

Expressions are always more valuable when expressed loud and clear. Instead of writing “LOL” when you send a smiley or an emoji that shows your state of mind will be more fun and the other person will actually get the feel that you are enjoying it. The problem is standard smileys are also limited and they might be able to convey emotions like happy, sad or crying but they can’t convey the meaning quite well when you want to say “Damn, I dodged a bullet today on that exam”. How would you express these kinds of situations then? I bet the first thing that came to your mind was GIFs.

GIFs are so popular today that every conversation seems to be incomplete without them. People want to express their exact situations with GIFs that perfect fit. Sharing GIFs in browsers is not a big deal and you can easily share links with people in conversations but doing so is not yet that handy while using smartphones. Having the ability to send GIFs along with regular text and emoji will certainly be something great to have and iPhone will be providing people with that great fun opportunity.

The keyboards in iPhone can have dedicated keys for adding GIFs in regular text messages and people with be love to play around with it. Some enthusiasts have already done so by coming with third party apps that you can install in your iPhone for sending GIFs in messages. They have acknowledged the power of expression that GIFs bring with them and have designed apps like PopKey. PopKey is a custom keyboard that you can install on iOS 8 and use GIFs in your messages.

A big concern that has been around about GIFs is that they clog memory. iPhone users don’t have to worry about that either because the built in messenger app deletes GIFs after some time to save your memory. You can thus use as many GIFs in your messages as you want without worrying about your device memory being full of hanging of your device due to overloading with GIFs because they are deleted automatically after some time.

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