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You can now Send Photos and Videos replies to Instagram Stories

by Milicent Atieno
instagram stories

I didn’t think I would say this anytime soon, Instagram has a new feature; that it did not steal from Snapchat. Now you can reply to Instagram Stories in photos and videos.

Instagram now gives you full access to all its camera features previously only limited to its regular camera to be used on Stories. That means, when taking a picture or video for Instagram Stories, you can add tweaks like filters and even Boomerang your reply.instagram stories

The reply will have a sticker of the original story; one that you can resize just like your typical sticker. The refreshing part about this new feature is no social media has had it before; it a first of its kind and not a ‘copycat off’ Snapchat.

Then again, one could argue Instagram has copied all of Snapchat’s features and has finally caught up. The only option remaining for the Facebook-owned company is to innovate fresh ideas into its platform to keep things interesting for users.instagram stories

Although yesterday, Snapchat did add some new features to its app, such as linking to snaps, (something that has been available to Instagram users with over 10,000 followers), and background drops for snaps among others. However, it is a popular belief that Instagram will sooner or later avail the feature to link to Stories for everyone, not just the big wigs.

This feature is launching first on Android and iOS. Windows Mobile platform will follow later, but exactly when is not clear yet.

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