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You can now Undo a Sent Message Using BlackBerry BBM Messaging Service

by Fahad Saleem

You can now Undo a Sent Message Using BlackBerry BBM Messaging Service

BlackBerry has introduced some novel features in its popular BBM messaging service. The tech company has taken the leaf out of the Snapchat playbook. The users can now control how long the pictures and messages can be viewed. It is hoped that the new features will result in more revenues for BlackBerry.

The BBM Messaging upgrade will be officially available not only for BlackBerry smartphones, but also for iOS and Android. It is not clear when the Windows Phone version of BBM service will be launched.

With the help of BBM service upgrade, the users can set a timer for how long the messages and pictures can be viewed by their contacts. The message type is hidden until the recipient touches and holds onto the chat. Once the timer for viewing the message has expired or the recipient has taken the fingers off the screen, the message disappears according to the BlackBerry. The user also receives the notification if BBM detects that the screenshot of the message or image has been taken.

BlackBerry has also added another feature that allows the users to remove a message from their BBM chat before or after being read by the recipient.

Another wonderful feature of the BBM Messaging service will be quite handy when you accidentally fire off the message to the wrong person. This service will save you from embarrassment of sending the message to the un-intended person. You can easily retract messages with a single tap. Even if the recipient has read the text, the message will be deleted from the chat so that it is no more visible.

You can also add stickers to your chat in a much quicker way with efficient picker of stickers. It is quite easy now to get a high quality of the pictures that you receive in BBM.BlackBerry will offer the latest features for free for the first three months. After that, the company will charge the users for the updated features.

In short, BBM Messaging features have provided users more control over their texts such as setting timers for expiry, and even retracting them if you send them mistakenly.

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