You Can Now Use Instagram Stories on PC and Post Instagram Stories to Facebook Directly

Instagram Stories has been a huge success. Instagram Stories feature is used by a whopping 250 million users daily. The feature was copied from Snapchat, whose total app users are less than 173 million. Instagram is now planning to launch Instagram Stories for web. According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories for web will be available for PC users within a few weeks. Users will be initially able to just view the Instagram stories of their friends on the web. But later on, Instagram will let users to post Stories from their computers.

This move by Facebook, the owner of Instagram, is a winning shot, as over 80% of the user base of Instagram is outside the US, where people still prefer to use apps on their computers. With Instagram Stories for web, users will be able to post and view Instagram Stories from their computer during their work or whenever they want without having to take out their phones.

In another news, Facebook is testing a feature which allows people to cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook. This is an effort to push Facebook Stories to popularity, as Facebook Stories has failed to garner the attention of teens and Millennials. Several users have started to see the option to post their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Facebook and Instagram have confirmed this news.

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