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You Can Now Watch Facebook Videos on TV Screen

by Fahad Saleem

Internet companies are rounding up to monetize on the decline of a cable subscription. There is almost nothing to watch on the cable TV and traditional news and entertainment channels. Most of the time they are consumed by ads. All the interesting content is on the internet, to be specific, on social media. Video is the future, and Facebook knows it. That’s why the social media behemoth has launched a new feature using which you can watch Facebook videos on TV. You can now watch Facebook videos on your  Apple TV, AirPlay devices, Google Chromecast, and Google Cast devices. You can stream Facebook videos from your Android or iOS device to your TV while using Facebook on your mobile. You can also comment and react to the playing video separately without pausing the video.

Facebook is full of interesting videos. From funny clips to blood-curdling adventure videos, you will find all sorts of content in your stream. As soon as you come across a video which you think is worth watching on TV with your family or friends, just tap the TV icon on the top right corner of the video and it will be played on the TV.

Facebook videos for TV means ads dollars for the company. Advertisers love paying money for the video content. Billions of hours of video content is uploaded on Facebook, and it is coming closer to Google’s YouTube in terms of viewership and active users. Facebook is using the casting technology to let users play videos from their mobile or laptop to the TV screen.

Facebook videos for TV is now up for iOS, and for Android, it will be launched in the coming days.


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