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You can trade-in your iPad or MacBook and get $850 off a Surface device

by Felix Omondi
microsoft surface device

Microsoft has so far launched its Surface line of devices in 25 markets. To fast-track the process of users buying its new device, the company has decided to help users free their hands of their old MacBook and iPads and get the new Surface devices.

If you own a MacBook or an iPad, but you really lust after any of the Surface line of devices. You can take it to a Microsoft Store near you, and you could get as much as $850 off a Surface device.

The trade-in program is running in select Microsoft Stores across the U.S. and Canada. Simply walk in with your MacBook or iPad, and the Microsoft Store reps have a look at their condition. If it is eligible, you can proceed to select your new Surface device and get some price off for the trade-in.

The reps will also help you migrate your files, pictures, music, and even settings from your old device to your new Surface device. To check for the nearest Microsoft Store near you, click here. But if you don’t feel like losing your iPad or MacBook to get a new Surface device, you can make an order for a new Surface Pro or the Surface Laptop from the Microsoft Store.

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