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Can Users Purchase Bitcoin in Fractions? What are the Merits of using Cryptocurrencies over the Share Market?


Bitcoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, launched in 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin helps its users to earn more and more profits in significantly less time. Bitcoin users are increasing daily as every second person in society uses the cryptocurrency platform, and each person is getting aware of this platform. Bitcoin trading is also very profitable. Earlier, there was no value of the cryptocurrency, but it has made its value in the market with time.

For instance, Satoshi Nakamoto released bitcoin. No person has faith in bitcoin. Later with time, there was an increase in digitalization and development. So, with time, people got aware of Bitcoin and started investing in it.

They found that Bitcoin can be helpful to earn more and more profits on Moreover, they got complete information about Bitcoin on its official website, as everything is very clearly mentioned on the official website of bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the modern investment method that has been adopted by millions of users nowadays. The bitcoin platform is considered one of the best investment methods as it allows its users to get profits from it.

Bitcoin is based on the Bitcoin blockchain and the Bitcoin mining processes. Bitcoin is a combination of two industries, finance, and technology.  All the transactions are verified and processed by Bitcoin mining, and the transactions after processing are stored in the form of blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin blockchain offers some other benefits to its users, like providing transaction security and privacy. Also, it takes very little time for the transaction to occur, and even the transaction charges as much less as the other mode of transactions. Therefore, cryptocurrencies are very convenient to use, so this has been considered the best platform.

What is the Share Market?

A share market is where the companies place their shares in the market, and people can buy it from there. Share market is an ancient strategy that has been used by companies that are on a large scale. Many people have earned profits from the share market early, and even the older people are still investing in this platform.

This platform gives its users profits. Share market is also based on trading skills. As the share price goes up, the user should sell it, and when the price goes down, he can buy it. These are some of the basic strategies used for trading in the share market.

Why is Bitcoin Better than the Share Market?

  • Bitcoin is considered better than the share market because Bitcoin transactions are entirely secure and private. Still, in the case of the share market, the transactions are located by the government, and even the government can make raids on the users.
  • The advantage of using Bitcoin over the share market is that there is a lot of paperwork while buying the shares from the share market. Still, in the case of Bitcoin, the interface is straightforward and can be used by anyone. And just a single click can help buy bitcoins, so it has been considered a straightforward platform where users can invest money.
  • If a person has a limited amount of money, then in the Bitcoin market, he can buy the Bitcoin infractions. Whereas in the share market, users have to buy a complete share, and it doesn’t matter what the share price is.
  • Even if there is an emergency condition and a person has to transfer the money to another person, cryptocurrencies can do it. Still, in the case of the share market, there is no such option so that a user can transfer the money from one user to the other.


Bitcoin is considered one of the best investment methods as Bitcoin is wholly based upon modern technology.  The benefits offered by this are required by millions of users worldwide, and they even use the benefits.

Users can also use the bitcoin platform to make transactions. However, there is no such option in the share market, and even transactions are entirely secure and private in Bitcoins. Thus, there are much more benefits offered by bitcoin.

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