Can you play Video Games from Steam on a Sony PS4 console?

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The PS4 is nothing like the previous consoles Sony has been churning out. For one, it uses the x86 processor. That is the same chip architecture used by your computer.

So I set out to stretch that fact, and wondered: Since it is using the same chip like some of the PCs out here, can it run PC games? Perhaps even run video games from Steam!

These thoughts took me online (read Google) and I searched until I bumped into this interesting piece from Engadget, where Jon Fingas (@jonfingas) talks about a homebrewed code that allows gamers to run Steam games on PS4.

Though the piece starts with a disclaimer; The mod is far from perfect, but it raises hope for playing PC games on Sony’s console.

The trick was apparently first unearthed by OsirisX using a jailbroken PS4 console running on Arch Linux and other software libraries from FailOverflow. The demo showcased the title Bastion running at what appeared to be a pretty decent pace.

OsirisX said that most titles were running well enough under medium and low graphics setting. Though that comes with a major problem of aligning the stars well enough to get it all running.

This trick work on outdated PS4 firmware

For the above trick to work, you need a console running a relatively ancient version of Sony’s OS (Version 1.76). If you can get your hands on that, the next step would be to jailbreak it and then install Linux.

Another headache with Linux is that there is no single distro that will have all the features you need. To overcome this barrier, you are going to need some technical knowledge and get geeky with the internal workings of the Linux distros.

There are also folks claiming you can also jailbreak Sony PS4 consoles running the relatively newer software (Version 3.50).

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