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Canadian Women in Tech Sharing their Skills with Young Girls

by Maya Johnson

Canadian Women in Tech Sharing their Skills with Young Girls

(Pictured above from left to right: Amira Dhalla, Amber Mac, and Ashley Jane Lewis)

Three amazingly talented women from Canada are working to change the field of technology and pass on their teachings to younger women.

Takara Small from Metro News, wrote the highlights of Amira Dhalla, Amber Mac and Ashley Jane Lewis, telling their stories about how they are making a difference for women in technology.

Amira Dhalla is a community and campaign manager at Mozilla. She has spent a lot of her time teaching the opportunities of technology to girls and people of color. Most of her time teaching has been at the Nelson Mandela School in Toronto. Before this, Takara mentioned that Dhalla taught digital literacy to women in technology.

I want to do things and see the impact of my work right away, and with tech you can see it right away,” Dhalla told Metro News.

Amber Mac is a tech expert, hosting shows such as CP24, CBC and G4 Tech TV. From this, she has witnessed the gender imbalance in the tech field. She told Metro News that Canada has a number of female role models in technology.

Mac explained that the title of technology professionals has expanded beyond just computer experts. There are app designers, community managers, etc.

Ashley Jane Lewis has worked with organizations such as Girls Learning Code and Girls Crack Code. Her experiences have inspired her to launch a program called Spark Makers which is “a cross between Girl Guides and a tech workshop.”

Lewis told Metro News that the initiative of this program is a great step because she is able to share her skills and knowledge to future leaders, but it will also showcase the girls’ showcase of artistic skills in the career of tech.

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