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How to Cancel Google Drive Cloud Storage from your Smartphone or Computer

by Felix Omondi
google drive cloud storage subcription

Have you ever found yourself in that situation where the way your bank account is set up, you are not going to meet your next payment for Google Drive Cloud Storage subscription? Perhaps you simply no longer need the service, or you might have found a better (or more affordable) cloud storage alternative.

Well, you need to cancel your subscription before the time to renew the subscription arrives. But before you cancel your subscription; keep in mind the following:

When you terminate your cloud storage plan with Google Drive, you plan will be reset to the free 15GB limit free storage.

While you will still be able to access the content you uploaded to the G-Drive, you will not be able to create or add new things if what you already have exceeded your free 15GB storage limit.

Sync functionality will no longer be possible; sync between Google Drive folder and My Drive will stop working. Though you will still be able to create Google document; they really don’t take space worth to talk about.

Any messages sent to your Google account will be returned to the sender

How to cancel your Google Drive cloud storage subscription

Now, that we know what will happen once you cancel your subscription. Let us get into how to cancel the subscription.

Open your browser (on either your desktop computer or mobile device) and head on to

Sign in to your Google Account (the one which you want to cancel the subscription on; we must clarify this if you have multiple Google Accounts).

You should see your subscription plan on the leftCancel Google Drive Cloud Storage

To cancel your plan, simply click on Cancel drive cloud storage subcription

Ensure that you thoroughly review the changes that will take place in your storage with the termination of your subscription; so that you don’t get any surprises. Google will send you a confirmation email about the termination of the subscription. When the next month of your subscription arrives, Google will downgrade your storage plan to the free 15GB storage to be shared among Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail.

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