#CaptainAmericaInNigeria What Problems Do You Think He’ll Solve In Lagos, Abuja…?

#CaptainAmericaInNigeria What Problems Do You Think He’ll Solve In Lagos, Abuja?

Over the weekend, Marvel’s new film Captain America: Civil War, made a staggering $181.8 million in North America box office.

In a land far, far away across the Atlantic, Captain America was also the talk of the town talk of towns; Lagos and Abuja among other cities and towns in Nigeria. All because one of the opening scenes in Captain America: Civil War was shot in a ‘marketplace inside in Lagos.’

No! Not what you’re thinking. The film crew did not travel to Lagos, Nigeria for the filming of that scene. They only made a replica of a Lagos’ market place and called it a market in Lagos in the movie. This replica was staged on a set somewhere in Atlanta, U.S.

Nonetheless, Lagos residents saw their home city in the latest Captain America movie, and it sparked off an interesting conversation on tweeter. What if America superheroes were to travel to Nigeria, what type of problem would they find and how will they try to solve those problems.

The following are some of the tweets that were made trying to theorize what problems the American superhero will solve. The tweets are actually satire revealing pertinent challenges facing the West African nation.

For more on these tweets, follow the hashtag #CaptainAmericaInNigeria.

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