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Cards vs Wheel – Which is Better?


Whether you’re new to the casino scene or class yourself as a casino connoisseur, you would have heard of two casino classics that have stood the test of time, both of which can be found within casinos around the world as well as online virtual lobbies – We are of course talking about Blackjack and Roulette.

With Blackjack being a game of luck dealt within a hand of cards, Roulette is a game of chance and unpredictability which leaves winning down to a little white ball and a pocketed wheel. But which game is better? Let’s discuss.


When being dealt a hand in Blackjack, every player, no matter whether it’s your first game or your hundredth, before flipping your cards to see what your hand contains, hopes they have been dealt a total of 21 with the help of Lady Luck.

When playing a game of Blackjack online at Paddy Power, you’re not trying to beat players who are sitting around the table, in fact, it’s the dealer you’re trying to race to 21 against. To start any game of Blackjack, a deck of cards is first shuffled and then dealt. Each player, including the dealer, will be dealt two cards each. Players are allowed to turn over their cards to reveal their hand totals. However, the dealer will only turn one of their two cards over. This remaining card will only be flipped once all players have stuck with their hands. If you find that your cards equal over 21, you’re out. If they total 21, you win. If you feel another card could help you reach 21, or as close to 21 as possible, you can ask to be dealt one. Once you’re happy with your total, tell your dealer you will stick with what you have. Then, and only then, will the dealer reveal their second card. If their hand is higher than yours, without exceeding 21, they win. If the total is lower than your hand, you win.

Card values differ in order to help you total 21. All numbered cards hold their own numbered value, whereas royals value 10 and the Aces of the deck hold a value of either one or 10, of which you can decide to best help you reach 21.


As mentioned before, Roulette is a game of chance and unpredictability, where the fate of the game is left to a small ball landing in one of the many numbered pocketed compartments found within a Roulette wheel. Depending on which version of Roulette you’re dabbling in, how many numbers feature within the game itself will differ. The European version contains 37 numbers – one single zero and numbers one to 36. Whereas the American version holds 38 numbers – one single zero, a double zero and numbers one to 36. Although the quantity of numbers varies between the game variations available, the bet types themselves are the same with players able to place both inside and outside bets, including straight, street, basket, odd, even, red, black, and so many more.

To begin a game, the dealer must first open the betting window for the table. During this time, players will place bets on where they predict the ball to land within the wheel. The dealer will then close the betting window and no further bets will be allowed to be placed. The wheel will then be spun and the small ball entered into play. It’s not until the wheel has come to a complete halt, that the winning number and color will be announced and prizes, if guessed correctly, will be awarded. Following this, the betting table is cleared by the dealer, who will once again open the betting window for the next game.

Whether you prefer to predict where a ball will land within a wheel or hope you have been dealt a hand that totals 21, no game is better than the other, especially when it comes to these casino icons. When playing both games, it’s clear to see how and why they have stood the test of time and remained on top within casinos around the world. So, what will it be for you – Cards or wheel?

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