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CareClinic Patient Engagement App Reaches 20,000 Users and Raises Seed Funding

CareClinic Software Inc. announces its 50,000 user milestone of its Patient Engagement Platform, CareClinic. The platform is available on Android, iOS and on the web via the browser. In celebration of this major event, CareClinic is adding additional functionality that is required by providers and patients to make the app much more beneficial to the end-user. Details can be found on the website at this link.

The CareClinic App has attracted patients who are

interested in an app that offers pill reminders, medication tracking, and in-app pharmacy refills. CareClinic is targeting the growing chronic illness patients in the United States set to reach 50% of the entire US population by 2023. The platform is especially popular amongst those tracking conditions related to Mental Health, Pain, and Diabetes, among hundreds of other conditions, symptoms, and goals.

The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including the addition of a symptom tracker, pain

tracker, mood tracker, nutrition tracker, and fitness tracker functionality all powered by AI. These innovations have now been incorporated into the core CareClinic Mobile App which can use data gathered from wearables and user input to provide reports, logs and correlations to help the patient better understand their body. This data can then be remotely shared by the user with their care provider or family to keep everyone in the loop.

Akshay (Asher) Khanna, Founder & CEO, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of CareClinic and upon reaching this milestone, had this to say about the patient engagement app:

“We have worked hard since raising venture funding in February of this year to provide the best product available for patients engaging in self-care. We have also enabled providers to help their patients with our app in maintaining the continuum of care and by improving patient loyalty. Many other platforms provide similar capabilities, but what really makes CareClinic unique is its flexibility to enable anyone to track, monitor and potentially improve their health whether it is someone with a chronic illness or someone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

People looking for a mobile app to improve medication adherence or to track symptoms better are encouraged to take a look at the CareClinic website at For partnerships and other inquiries contact Asher at

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