Cast Beauty – A Mobile App Using Weather to Predict Your Purchases

In an era where people collect apps the way some collect shoes, it’s rare to come across a unique download in the app store. Despite the wide availability, and constant stream of “must have” mobile apps, not everything in the “it” crowd is valuable.

Take the beauty industry, for instance. Every week some celebrity, or celebrity-adjacent figure, is pedaling a new digital product to satisfy your wants. But what about your needs. Despite its level of entertainment value, mobile apps are only as good as their ability to upgrade your life. Does it make you look better; and can it save (not waste) your time?

For beauty product addicts, Cast Beauty is looking to upgrade both, your time and your look, as well as your health. Gone are the days of visiting drugstores or makeup counters to try on countless products that may work. Instead, Cast Beauty delivers personalized product recommendations, based on your environment – weather, skin type and hair type.  Best part, all of the items are shoppable. With just one click, suggestions can move into your Amazon shopping cart.

The concept was so tempting that I had to try it out; and within four steps I had a shopping cart filled with beauty essentials, in route to my house. Product junkies beware, shopping with this much ease could be dangerously fun. Beyond purchasing products, the mobile app also sends daily skin and hair care tips, to help maintain your fabulous in any weather.


Login > Complete Your Profile > View Your Dashboard and  Scroll Through Customized Product Selections. As simple as 1,2,3,4.

Sian Morson, the creator of this beauty industry brainchild, has managed to do what few have accomplished in the beauty-tech industry. She’s leveraged weather data to enhance the user shopping experience and improve health awareness. Named one of the “Top Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter”, by the Huffington Post, Morson is definitely one to watch.

Innov8tiv’s Ten Minutes with, Mobile Innovator, Sian Morson

This app couldn’t have come at a better time. With Spring in full bloom, the need to upgrade one’s look is absolute, but the desire to stroll through the aisles at Sephora isn’t. Cast Beauty has essentially put a beauty store in your pocket. Something way more useful than any of those Candy Crush games you’ve downloaded.

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