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Centrallo: A Simple Productivity App To Help You Manage Digital Noise

by Fahad Saleem

Managing activities in explosive digital noise is becoming really hard. Social media, constant buzz over phones, managing business or job, meeting deadlines, catching up with news and activity could really exhaust you up. That’s why you we have tons of productivity apps which let you manage all your activities. But there are only a few which are worth your time and bucks. Centrallo is one of them. A simple productivity app, Centrallo makes organization of emails, notes, links, videos, deadline reminders very easy.

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Lists are the centerpiece of Centrallo app. You can create lists, sub-lists, add notes and reminders to these lists and share them over public and private channels for business and private needs.

Here’s what you can do using Centrallo app, which is available for iOS and Android.

The Power of Lists 

You can add all the items, notes, video links, text and reminders are one central place. So every time you need to get a reminder or refresher about your planned activities, just open the list and keep going. You can also set priorities to the items. This way, you can easily see the most important items from a long list.

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Business Collaboration

You can share your lists with others in order to collaborate for business and job needs. Anyone can edit and update the shared lists, so there is an opportunity for a more robust and quick communication.


Centrallo app also allows you to manage your emails efficiently. You can delete, share, forward any email on the fly using this app. You can also add the text or link to the email to a list or share it over the list for others to see.


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Import Evernote Data to Centrallo 

One of the most important features of Centrallo app is its ability to sync across multiple devices. So you can add items to your lists and they will be synced across your tablet and PC. Recently, Centrallo has announced a new feature which allows the users to import notes from Evernote, the most famous organization app which also allows you to synch your data and lists across multiple devices. So importing data from Evernote to Centrallo add up to the productivity to both the apps.

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Password Protection

Making lists is easy. You can also drag and drop items to the list. You can also put passwords on items which you think are sensitive.

Watch this quick video about Centrallo app:


Centrallo is free to use. But there is a premium version as well, which gives you unlimited capacity for notes and additional storage space.

Download Centrallo for Android, iOS 

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