CES2015: Apple Leads As Far As Internet Of Things Is Concerned

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CES2015: Apple Leads As Far As The Internet Of Things Is Concerned

CES2015 marked an all-time high record yet for the development of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). As more techies try to outdo each other on the platform that is seeing more devices getting connected: from your tablet, smartphone to your smart home and even that blender inside your kitchen. The number of devices getting connected to each other is increasing.

Despite Apple, never making it to any Consumer Electronic Show (CES) event since 1992, it is still the leading electronics maker, with most devices that are HomeKit certified. Back in June, 2014, Apple announced its protocol of making smart home devices that users can work with safely and securely with their iOS devices.

Looking back, Apple has released a number of ‘smart outlets’ that allow users to control outlet using their iOS devices, such as iHome, iDevices, GridConnect and Incipio. It also produced a Bluetooth-connected lock manufactured by Schlage dubbed the Schlage Sense that allows users to lock and unlock their doors using Siri. Elgato produced a line of sensors for home use that can monitors air quality, air pressure, temperature, humidity, and energy and water consumption by simply using Bluetooth technology.

Chamberlain made the announcement that it has produced a WiFi-based garage door operating system that works well with HomeKit. Insteon, the veteran in home automation, launched a hub that allows Insteon’s long list of home devices to connect on iOS via the HomeKit framework.

If you would like to use any of all of these devices, you will have to pre-order them as they are not ready for sale. When they will be up for sale, they will probably bear a label on their package that says ‘Apple compatible’. Given the fact that they already are HomeKit certified, they will seamlessly interact with your Apple product.

In order for a product to be branded HomeKit-certified, the manufacturer must work with Apple to ensure they operate reliably. They also come loaded with a certified chip and HomeKit firmware loaded on them.

iDevices CEO, Chris Allen, who attended the CES2015, said, “HomeKit is a lot different in terms of encryption and security, but the biggest difference is in the setup. HomeKit creates an environment that allows for good user experience. Being able to plug and play is a reality now. You can plug in our switch product, enter an eight digit code you’re ready to go. You’re connected. It doesn’t ask for WiFi passwords.”

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