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CES2015: Waterproofing Electronics Is Becoming More Popular

by Felix Omondi

CES2015: Waterproofing Electronics Is Becoming More Popular

From a ‘Charles Darwin’ point of view; humans have evolved from walking around naked covered with nothing but just a lot of body hair, to now wearing clothes and having reduced body hair. Techies now want to leave their mark on the human clothing evolution, by introducing wearable technology. The human species is now at the early stages of wearable technology evolution; as can be attested to by Google Glass, Smart watches, wearable headsets, wearable fitness devices, and wearable health care monitors among other tailored wearable technologies.

But as we plan to move around with electronics hanging around our bodies, we are always cautious of water. Be it rain water, accidental coffee spill at the café, dropping your smartphone into the toilet; well, you get the picture. Water is the arch-enemy of our electronic devices, and it is making wearable technologies not practical in a lot of situations.

However, techies are working around the clock to find ways around this limitation. Judging by the number of waterproof devices currently being showcased in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, we can say they are headed in the right direction. The following are some of the water proof electronics that ‘debut’ at the CES2015, and have remarkable innovations that make them waterproof.


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