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Change Android Phone Back to English and Reset: Get Back English Language from Others

A lot of Android phone users sometimes get their phone language changed to different languages like Chinese, Hebrew or Greek from English. Seeing all the text written in a foreign, alien language sometimes freak out users, and make them want to reset phone and change phone to English language quickly. If you want to change your phone language back to English, there is no need to panic as there is always an option to change the language. Here is how you can reset Android and get back phone in English.

Change Android Phone Language Back to English

Go to Settings. I know you cannot understand the text of the foreign language, but you can always use your instincts and identify the settings icon. It’s always the cogwheel icon which represents settings. After going to Settings, scroll down and tap on ‘Language and Input’ section. Now this option may vary depending upon the version of Android or the model of your device. But mostly, the Language and Input section has a sign with an alphabet ‘A’ or a keyboard or a pen, showing languages and input methods. When you locate that option, tap it. There is no harm in doing the hit and trial method.

When you enter the Language and Input method, just tap on the first icon saying ‘Language’ (this option will have the name of the language set. So for example, let’s say currently your phone is in the Chinese language, you will see ‘Chinese’ set on this option drop down). You will see a list of languages, just scroll down and spot the English language and tap on it.

If you are really confused about the language and cannot understand what option to tap, you can use Google Translate and copy paste the text and see what it means in English. This will at least give you an idea where to tap.

Fahad Saleem

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