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How to Change Number of Rings Before Voice Mail in Verizon

by Fahad Saleem

Voice Mail is a great feature which lets you redirect the people calling you to a recorded message. Voice Mail is used when you are busy or away and want the people calling you to know a specific message. You can record a message and set it to Voice Mail so that whenever they call you, they get to the Voice Mail. Sometimes, when the phone is not picked, the caller is automatically redirected to the voice mail. That means that when someone calls you, he or she will hear some dial tones before going to the voice mail where they could record their message. In Verizon, you can actually set the number of rings before voicemail. The limit is from 2 to 6, which means that the caller will hear the tones between a minimum to 2 to a maximum of 6 before the voice mail is turned on. The ring tones before voice mail is known as Ring Cycle.

Change Number of Rings Before Voice Mail in Verizon

In order to number of rings before voicemail Verizon, do the following steps.

Verizon lets you change all the account settings from the account manager. This is a web portal which could be logged in from any device or PC. Open the Account Manager in order to change your ring cycle.

After logging in, you will see the Voice Mail Settings on the left side of the home page. Click on it.

Now click on the telephone settings.

Now select the number of rings before the voice mail from these settings. You can choose any ring cycle between 2 to 6. I usually prefer the maximum number of rings before it gives you the ability to pick up the phone. If you are going away and know that you won’t be able to attend to phone for some time, you can set the cycle to the minimum number.

Save the settings after choosing the cycle.

Using Customer Support

If you have no access to the internet and cannot use the Verizon account login page, you can all the helpline of Verizon to change the number of times the phone rings before voice mail. In order to do that, call *611 and simply ask the customer support representative to change the rings or number of seconds before the voice mail mode is turned on.

This was how to change number of rings before voicemail Verizon. Give us your feedback in the comments below.

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