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How to Change Startup Sound and Set Custom Sound as Startup Sound in Windows 10

by Fahad Saleem

I hate the default startup sound in Windows 10. I wanted to set the voice of my best motivation speaker as startup sound in Windows so that I could start my work with a motivation and energy. So i found out a way how to setup custom startup sound in Windows. In this article I will share the secret.

 Change Startup Sound and Set Custom Sound as Startup Sound in Windows 10

In order to set custom startup sound in Windows 10, right click on the speaker icon from the task bar. Click on speaker icon on the taskbar. In the menu, you will see an option named “Sounds”. Click on this option.

In the sounds tab, scroll down and tick mark the option named “Play Windows Startup sound“. Click ok to save changes.

Now we will need to install a simple third party software to set custom startup sound in Windows 10 so that you could hear your favorite, custom startup sound everytime you start your computer. So go ahead and download  startup sound changes. After downloading, extract the contents and install the software using the exe file.

Keep in mind that you any custom sound or voice which you want to set as custom startup soundcc should be in .wav format. It is very easy to convert the audio files to .wav format using free tools online.

Once you have the custom sound ready, open sound changer software. You will see a “Replace” option on the main page. Use this option and select the custom sound .wav file. This sound will be set as a startup sound in your Windows computer.

Some users report some issues and the primary of them is that they don’t hear any startup sound and Windows 10 boots too fast. For this, follow the steps below.

We will turn off the Fast Startup mode in Windows 10. Fast Startup sometimes skips the startup sound in Windows 10 because the system wants to boot quickly. As a result, you may not be able to set custom startup sound. Therefore you should disable fast startup. Here’s how:

Go to Settings and head over to the Power and Sleep section. On the right side you will see “Additional Power Settings” option. Click on this option. You will see control panel. Now click on “Choose what the power button does”. You will see this option on the left side.

 Click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Here you will see a checkbox option named “Turn on fast startup”. You should uncheck this option.


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